We leverage our capabilities in Analytics, Data Sciences and AI/ML combined with Enterprise solutions, Product Engineering and Value Engineering to transform our clients into intelligent enterprises.

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Providing solutions for complex business problems

Business Transformation Management

Business process transformation services by A5E Consulting deliver positive outcomes and ensure long-term sustenance for your business. In order to cope with the ever-changing business scenario, each and every business owner should strive to transform. Preparing yourself to face the volatile condition in the business segment can help you leverage the current factors of change. Your business experiences instability due to the emergence of new technology, digital transformation, globalization, blurred industry boundaries, regulation, energy dynamics and other reasons. Several well-established organizations have already begun to adopt the initial phases of business process transformation for gaining a foothold in the highly competitive market.

A5E Consulting offers a wide range of business process transformation services that include
Business Transformation Management

Identifying the need to change

Enhancing your dependability through global industry experience and expertise

Deploying industry best practice

Offering organizational change management

Assisting with effective program management techniques. Our team of business/process transformation experts assist you through each and every phase of program management from process definition and right–shoring to transition management, training management and service delivery

Our process transformation services encompass 5 pillars of the organizational environment.

Process – With the use of industry-specific expertise, we give our best efforts to rationalize your business process with your ultimate goal.

Systems – We identify your capability to adapt to changes and implement latest SAP functionality at a fast speed.

Data – Avail our business/process transformation services to make data available to all departments of your business across nations.

Governance – Our SAP services enable you to manage your business when your organization enters into a new market or embraces a new technology.

People – You can now align your workforce to work according to industry-specific standards.

A5E Consulting Brings you these Benefits

Opportunity Identification – We assess your business infrastructure and identify the various business models to transform your business process.

Follow a Roadmap – Our experts implement SAP and integrate it with existing business processes to streamline your operations.

Deliver an Outcome – Our software solutions enable you to decrease cost of operation and expedite the rate, at which you can complete projects. We put in maximum efforts to ensure you have lasting relationship with your end-users.

Approach us to successfully adapt to changes taking place in the world of business. A5E Consulting can enable you to have a lasting presence in your niche.

Project Management

Project Management

We at A5E consulting, manage complete end to end complex and multi-location programs for our clients as an important function. Our process driven approach helps the organization to focus on their core business and concentrate on business execution. Along with an experience in product engineering, we also offer comprehensive governance around time, cost and resources to achieve the predefined goal statement which was set at the beginning. A complete roadmap is followed to achieve the predefined objective which is responsibility driven and evaluated at every stage to ensure the program is aligned to goals and timelines.

HR Analytics

Predictive analytics for Human Resources

Everyone today is talking about data driven approach, the importance of employee data has become an important factor for organizations for making better decisions on workforce requirements and improving operational performance.

HR Analytics empowers the organization by proving insights which helps in evaluating exact requirements and accurately forecasting the future staffing needs.  HR analytics tools help the organization to get aligned with strategic business goals.

How A5E can help

At A5E consulting, we understand the challenges in human resources analytics. It’s important to identify which data should be captured how to use the data to model and envisage requirements receive a better ROI in return for the organization

We help our clients with proven data driven approach in decision making, right from attracting top talent to forecast requirements. Our predictive talent data models and tools help to get business specific interpretations from the vast HCM data which organization already has.

Benefits from A5E HR Analytics solutions

HR Analytics

Organizational Alignment – Leading to Faster, Smarter Decisions

Improved connection across the organization – Engage and communicate effortlessly to collaborate on solutions and influence business outcomes

Predictive analytics – forecast business requirements for strategic positions

Empowering managers – Ownership , accountability and taking action on business challenges

Discover Reasons – High attrition and identify the needs for improvement

Identify training needs – improved performance and engagement



Unlock opportunities It’s important to have business objectives aligned with the growth strategy. An organization which has a well-defined vision and business objective, it’s equally important to have the vision and objective it deeply rooted into the organizational structure, where every department contributes towards achieving organizational vision and goals. An advisory service for business plays an important role in defining and aligning company’s vision with robust business processes with aim to achieve targeted growth.

How A5E can help

Our Advisory solutions are focused on achieving the holistic growth and sustenance of your business.

We assist in managing its performance throughout business cycles.

We empower our clients with proven solutions which are well defined as per your business needs.

A5E Advisory solutions are integrated across your business functions, which helps our clients to unlock its true potential and achieve new heights.

A5E consulting encompasses global experience and expertise in advising clients in different industries and for different business environments.

Speak with our experts today to understand how we can help you achieve business goals with a defined success roadmap.

Operational Transactional Services


Consultative and Collaborative Approach With globalization and enhanced connectivity growth companies are crafting new ways for outsourcing their work to companies across the globe. Many companies have already outsourced many business process such as IT, back office and more to companies globally, however forward thinking companies are outsourcing their core business activities such as product development, research, finance, human resource, legal services to companies which have the core competency and expertise in handling core business functions and help organizations to achieve their business objective. A growing number of organizations see outsourcing with a view of achieving strategic advantage, than merely a cost-cutting measure. Operational transaction services helps organizations across the globe to achieve more in less time.

How A5E can help

We at A5E consulting believe in consultative and collaborative approach, we are certain that those solutions which are co-designed with the involvement of clients are most effective and successful. Our talent is simplifying complex problems and providing easy to use techniques which are easy to adapt and embed solutions that our clients have complete ownership.

With our focus on collaborative partnering, firstly we understand requirements from our clients entirely and provide easy to adapt solutions which are apt for their business. Secondly our process driven environment is responsibility driven with an aim to achieve pre-defined goals.

To have a right partner is most critical and A5E consulting has proven practices and focused approach for companies in different industries. You may speak with our Outsourcing manager today, to see how we can be can help you achieve your goals and become a partner for success.