We leverage our capabilities in Analytics, Data Sciences and AI/ML combined with Enterprise solutions, Product Engineering and Value Engineering to transform our clients into intelligent enterprises.

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The banking and financial services sector is one of the most important sectors of the economy. In the ever-changing world, the key contributing sector of the economy needs to evolve digitally to provide its consumers a hassle-free and contact-less process experience to keep up with the turbulent and unpredictable market.

Focus Areas:

Faster go to market
Robust technology
Solid platform build
Customer centricity

Success stories:

With our deep understanding of the sector, we have helped our clients to get ready with the platform in a span of a few months which is used for application lifecycle management which helps users to complete the application process online and track activities at different stages of application. We have helped our various clients in achieving faster go to market which is backed by robust and intelligent platforms which help their customers to have a hassle-free experience.

Retail industry is observing a fundamental shift. With evolving consumer mindset and changing dynamics of the market, the retail industry has transformed digitally to serve the shoppers at the moment of truth and curate a tailor made experience. A digital ecosystem aligns demand with supply and delivers a seamless experience.

Focus Areas:

Increase in sales
Consumer satisfaction
Supply chain automation
Real time stock update

Success stories

We have implemented a core ERP system for a multi-format Retail company to ensure fast and reliable service for suppliers, business partners, and consumers. As a result, they have observed a significant ~20% increase in sales, ~75% increase in customer satisfaction, improvement in supply chain automation by ~10% and they have also observed increase in employee satisfaction by ~70%

Manufacturing being one of the core business lines has always been one of the most challenging business streams to keep up with changing market demand. To keep with the dynamic market and ensure the demands of the consumers are met just in time, the adoption of digital technology is the key factor to drive and ensure supply meets demand.

Focus Areas:

Increase in sales
Faster Innovation Cycle
Consumer Satisfaction
Improved Manufacturing Efficiency

Success Stories:

A manufacturing company specializing in cast parts and components such as engine cylinder sleeves, liners, valve guides, pistons, and other components. Having in-house centrifugal casting foundry. The company was having a hard time in planning their manufacturing, forecasting the material required for planning future manufacturing, maintaining inventory, and various other reasons due to which they were facing major revenue losses. We implemented a core ERP system which has helped them by increasing the sales by ~18%, increase in manufacturing efficiency by  ~22%, and increase in customer satisfaction by ~50%

The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way it functions. Patients being the linchpin of this industry, technological transformation becomes a key aspect in keeping up with the changing market dynamics. Keeping up with rising demand has been a key challenge in this industry, to negate this challenge digital transformation plays an important role.

Focus Areas:

Supply chain optimization
Improvement in supplier collaboration
Increase in sales
Customer satisfaction

Success Stories:

One of our clients in Chile, having a state-of-the-art production facility, was facing difficulties in scaling up their production and optimizing the supply chain with the increasing demand for their products. We worked closely with them to understand their business process and problems they were facing in their day-to-day activities which resulted in supply not meeting the demand of the consumer, on understanding all the aspects of their business we proposed to them to implement a core ERP system. Post-implementation they observed a ~12% increase in sales, supply chain optimization by ~20%, and customer satisfaction increased by a whopping ~75%.