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Digital Transformation is Essential to Elevate the Customer Experience

From car manufacturers producing electric vehicles in line with environmental consciousness to food companies launching low-carb meals for health-conscious people, every industry is evolving to keep up with customer preferences and new trends.  The tech industry is no different from this shift and is experiencing accelerated digitization. Digital transformation provides the critical resources for seamless cross- channel support, higher transparency, instantaneous communication, and nurturing of unique customer journeys. And these technological advancements have set high standards for modern digital consumers.  Popular companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and Uber have invariably placed customers at the center of their business operations and leveraged technology to deliver the best customer experience. According to McKinsey, businesses that have leveraged digital products to improve their customer experience have increased customer satisfaction by 20%, reduced the cost of service by 40%, and boosted conversion rates by 20%.

A ‘Digital First’ Approach to Customer Experience

“Digital first” refers to thinking and creating a better customer experience while keeping a digital mindset. The digital approach combines the trending digital landscape with the ever-changing expectations of customers to innovate new products and services. Digital technologies like IoT, machine learning, hyper-automation, and blockchain allow customers to instantly get what they are looking for. This has ignited a significant shift in customer expectations.

How to Enhance Customer Experience with Digital Approach?

According to Statista, digitally transformed enterprises are estimated to be worth $53.3 trillion by 2023. This indicates the supremacy of digital transformation in helping companies create better customer experiences. When discussing customer expectations, satisfaction, and experience, businesses should consider themselves as customers. Let’s say you have installed a mobile app; what will be your expectations? To put it succinctly, you’d want the following:

  •  Easily accessible from anywhere, anytime, from any device
  •  Provides a high level of transparency
  •  Helps achieve the goals with ease and accuracy, i.e., solves the problems with minimal effort
  •  Facilitates high-end personalization

With digital transformation approaches like seamless omnichannel communication, integrated marketing, instant services, and constant online availability, businesses are bridging the gap between their offerings and customers’ expectations.  Explore how the new CX paradigm of SAP can take your customer experience to the next level.

Top Digital Trends to Enhance Customer Experience

Personalization of Digital Journey

Over 80% of customers admitted that they are more likely to buy from a company that recommends products based on their past orders and recognizes them by their name. Digital transformation enables businesses to create personalized journeys without any hassles. Companies can interact with customers through multiple channels, from social to mobile, and ensure that customers are recognized at all times.

Real-Time Information

Digital channels can be used to inform the customers without any time or location constraints. Social media can be used to respond to customer concerns; mobile apps can be used to send notifications. For example, HSBC provides tutorial videos to explain their redesigned online banking system.

Customer Journey Relevance

It is important to understand the channel of customer acquisition, resources accessed by customers, and their information requirements. Digital transformation helps cater to customers’ needs and interests to construct a relevant customer journey.

Omnichannel Experience

Websites and mobile apps have become a necessity for most businesses. The more channels you activate, the better it is to ensure constant contact with the customers through multiple touchpoints. The companies can also harness the potential of customer data to drive ongoing improvements and nurture better customer experience, irrespective of device or channel.

PRO Tip: Keep it Human

Businesses have started to expedite interactions via digital channels, but customers still expect a human experience. There is always a fine line between an empathetic customer experience and a redundant bot interaction. It is vital to find a safe ground that is accepted by your customers, and this information can be used to weave in a human touch.

Get Started with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has gone from being a trend to a business necessity. In light of the increasing usage of technology and the sky-scraping expectations of customers, digital transformation is the way to grow, evolve, and become more successful in this competitive business landscape. If you want to flourish exponentially and enhance customer experience, let’s talk about the digital elements that can help you kick start your transformation to match customer expectations. Connect with us today!