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Digital Trassformation

Total Experience – Extending Digital Transformation Across the Enterprise

The most loved companies today deliver services and products. But they have a unique way of looking at all aspects of their functioning through the lens of a mix of employee, user, and consumer experience. Although user experience and customer experience are interdependent, they are rarely treated like such. Companies mostly dedicate separate teams and software solutions for a particular experience (for example, customer experience, user experience, etc.). That apart, employee experience is often given less attention as it tends to be looked at through the tactical operational lens.

The total experience is a cutting-edge digital transformation solution that treats the combination of experiences as a whole. Recently, it was also listed as one of the top strategy tech trends by Gartner. Total experience allows businesses to adopt direct digital routes for accelerating their digital business. This not only helps them connect directly to their customers but also drives a digital platform strategy that helps the entire enterprise perform better by staying focused on what matters.

Let’s have a look at the different aspects of total experience in digital transformation.

What is total experience?

Total experience or TX has been defined as a strategic tech trend that is expected to be the next step in experience evolution. It is a business strategy that helps create a holistic experience for everyone that engages with a business in any manner. This used to mean only customers and other users, but now includes everyone who has a role in delivering the product or service offering to the customer like employees, partners, and other associates.

TX combines the key experience disciplines. It works on the idea that employee and customer experience are interconnected and impact the satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and confidence of all stakeholders. In that sense, it extends the scope of digital transformation to cover all the platforms that create value.

What constitutes total experience?

Four key components together constitute total experience.

  1. User experience 

User experience is the overall experience that a consumer has while engaging with a brand, product, or service. 

  1. Customer experience 

Customer experience represents a sum total of favorable, bad, and neutral encounters that impacts the customer’s opinion about the brand.

  1. Multi experience 

Multi experience includes the experience of all the intermediaries other than users, customers, and employees.

  1. Employee experience

Employee experience is defined as the overall experience that an employee goes through while making a delivery of products or services.

How does total experience help in digital transformation?

A TX strategy has become even more necessary in the post-pandemic digital-first age. Companies can capitalize better on a distributed workforce model with a TX digital transformation strategy. That’s because TX offers a platform for interlinking different disciplines of business and aligning efforts. The strategic adoption of such digital platforms gives a company a competitive advantage by combining customer, user, and employee experience.

TX helps digital transformation of businesses in the following ways:

  • Increase brand visibility
  • Establish brand reputation and trust among the customers
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction
  • Maintain dynamic goals and objectives to keep pace with the ever-changing market and align efforts across the company
  • Interconnect workflow and touchpoints

Organizational benefits of TX digital transformation

Listed below are the major ways in which TX help businesses:

  1. Customer satisfaction

Customers are more likely to come back if they are satisfied with the delivery of products or services. TX digital transformation strategies help to improve business workflows to enable informed and aligned actions that drive customer loyalty. And there is no denying that a loyal audience forms the base of a successful business.

  1. Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is today as important as customer satisfaction. TX management provides employees with the tools and methods to perform better and deliver great outcomes. It also makes sure that workflows are easy and intuitive for employees thereby, helping them engage better with the company.

  1. Establishing trust with customers 

TX digital transformation strategy helps businesses establish repeatable processes that can consistently deliver quality products and services. This not only improves brand image but also builds trust among customers.

  1. Better end products

TX contributes to the quality of end products and services by maintaining the consistency of intermediate and end processes.

  1. Bridge customer and employee gap 

TX acts as a bridge for employee-customer interactions. This helps in keeping both parties on the same page and aids in the speedy delivery of services. 

  1. Better interlinking between departments 

TX digital transformation interlinks different disciplines including customer experience, employee experience, user experience, and multi-experience for better coordination and communication. It does so by breaking segregations between different departments of an organization like marketing, sales, supply chain and logistics, operations, maintenance, and customer service.

Strategies to adopt total experience

Following are the four major ways in which companies and business organizations can successfully implement TX digital transformation. 

  1. Tearing down silos

Data is at the heart of all digital strategies. Enterprises must ensure data silos are broken to make the required data available wherever it is needed when it is needed. Data-driven digital strategies enable informed agility and responsiveness. 

  1. Connecting all teams

The next crucial element is bringing various teams and departments together to deliver customer-focused outcomes. Organizations with TX in mind can adopt process innovation based on the composability principle, a game-changing paradigm for businesses that operates on autonomy, discovery, and orchestration.

  1. Multichannel communication

Companies can use multi-channel communication to understand their audience and communicate. Multi-channel communication promotes brand awareness and brand engagement by allowing multiple, simultaneous, and independent electronic communications. 

  1. Focusing on employee experience

Employee experience directly reflects on the customer experience. Sometimes, even customers evaluate an organization based on the way they treat their employees. Employee experience and satisfaction deserve greater attention than they have received so far in many organizations. 

Corporations that acknowledge the needs of their employees are found to have high-performing, productive, and active staff. There are several digital people practices now available that HR leaders can use to efficiently manage the post-pandemic workforce. 

  1. Building user-friendly interfaces

Companies should focus on building user-friendly interfaces across channels and touchpoints. It is proven to increase customer engagement, interaction, and usage. In the context of how employees work, this is also necessary to enable productivity and reduce burnout. According to a recent report, a well-designed user interface can increase the conversion rate to up to 200%.

Organizations should also invest in making the interface easy-to-use and interactive for visitors. There are UX testing platforms now available that corporations can use to measure how user-friendly their software application is. Currently, only 55% of the companies are using such powerful tools but more need to.


TX is a strategy that offers a complete solution for enhancing customer engagement and business profits. It has also taken customer service to the next level by interconnecting the user and consumer experiences from start to end. TX has become one of the most popular digital transformation strategies for building a powerful business empire post-pandemic. However, it can be tricky to choose the right tool-set for designing and operationalizing a proper TX strategy. A5E offers top-tier technology platforms and expert process consulting services that can help you chart, build, and deliver a successful digital transformation journey. If you wish to connect, visit us at A5E.